Advice Needed: How Important Are Names?

I recently realized how cheap domain names could be, so last week I bought a domain name for one of my other Tumblrs, one that gets only a fraction of the traffic that this Tumblr gets. Even so, I like having it, and it feels simpler and more “official.” (As much as I love the Tumblr platform, I’d really prefer for “” not to weigh down the URLs of my blogs.)

Why haven’t I gotten a domain name for this Tumblr?

Well, I’ve hit a bit of a conundrum. I started this blog almost a year ago as a way to share my interest in things like bog bodies, catacombs, and exhumations, not thinking I’d end up with many (or any) readers. Sadly, I didn’t put too much thought (or research) into the naming of the thing. I called it “The Ossuary” because ossuaries are interesting, and ossuary is just a pretty neat word. (Also, “theossuary” wasn’t yet taken on Tumblr, and “ossuary” was.)

I should have done my homework, because it turns out there are a handful of what appear to be well established sites on the Web known as “The Ossuary”:

  • Called “The Ossuary.” Nicely designed site; interesting, morbid content. 
  • Also called “The Ossuary.” This appears to be a concert photographer’s site.
  • If you type in, you get redirected to a site called “Best Horror Movies.” Appears to be a well established forum for horror movie fans.

So, I’m starting to wonder if I should change the name of this site. I want a name that represents this blog creatively and relevantly—a name that I can easily use as a “” domain, but one that doesn’t step on anyone else’s toes or risk being confused with someone else’s site. 

Here’s why I’m writing this: I’d really like to hear your opinions. Do you think changing the name really matters or could possibly confuse people? I’m thinking I should probably keep my Tumblr-based URL as, but this could redirect to the new domain. 

What do you guys think? And what do you think I ought to call it? (Send me a Tumblr message, email me at theossuaryblog [at] gmail [etc], or reply here.)